Security risks have become more complex, threats, such as terrorism, espionage, identity theft and information security, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage.  Protection of your assets and resources is our goal.  Our team will complete a full security analysis and work with your company to develop a complete plan to protect your company.

Business Continuity

When your business is interrupted by an unexpected emergency it could lead to lost revenue and added expenses.  Our team uses a four-step process by conducting a business impact analysis, develop recovery strategies, construct plans, and test/evaluate your companies plan implementation.

Emergency Site Planning

When seconds count... Having a plan directing employees, contractors and visitors on how to take protective actions or activate emergency services will save lives.  Our plan development begins with a vulnerability assessment followed by systematically developing a process that will easily allow you to assess the emergency, initiate emergency communications and take actions to protect lives and property. 

Safety and Security Training

Our team of professional trainers can provide safety and security training that is tailored to meet your needs.  From lunch and learns to full class, hands-on, and plan exercises we have experienced experts to assist.

Risk Management

Today businesses are faced with regulatory compliance, financial decisions, human resource decisions, political pressures, and corporate governance create risk to your company. From energy to infrastructure, supply chains to airport security, hospitals to housing, effectively managed risks assure the survival of your business. Our team will work with you to analyze your risk and develop strategies to reduce the impact to your business.

Crisis Communications

Unpredictable events will threaten your company’s reputation. Stakeholders, employees and customers that aren’t informed of the crisis and corrective actions will generate negative outcomes.  Having a Crisis Communications Plan in place to notify stakeholders with timely and accurate information will support your business crisis management and continuity. Our experienced team can help you develop pre-planned strategies and plans for crisis communications.